Photo of the Day: London by Night

London by Night
The next set of shots are a slight departure for me – they are all night time long exposures taken with aid of a tripod. This presented a different challenge compared to my normal solution of pushing the film speed and forced me to focus on more static subjects, including some of the typical tourist traps while I could shoot them without all the crowds

Waterloo Sunset

Waterloo Sunset
Sunsets are quite tricky to capture in black and white but I think this one works, helped significantly by the deep orange filter I used while shooting it.

With that, this roll draws to a close. Guess I better get my backside in gear and develop the next one!

Thames Riverboats at Night

Thames Riverboats at Night
From Boats back to Streets again – my next set of shots (including this one) are taken from a roll I shot while on a walk along the Thames with a great friend. I love the lights in this one, hence it’s inclusion, but mostly I left the tourist shots to him. Instead I focus on the people who passed us by along the way and as always in London, they did not disappoint.