Long Day

Long Day
Please excuse the late update today, a lazy Sunday and a whole rolls worth of scans means I’ve only just got around to posting this. At least it means that I’m organised and ahead of myself for the coming week (apart from the getting out and shooting bit, that’s still TBC!).

Anyway, on to the shot. I’m quite proud of this one mostly because I’m getting braver. I took several close-range shots of people on the walk all of which turned out rather well and nobody objected. Not that this chap looks like he’s got the energy left to object! I think his day had been as long as mine.

Thames Riverboats at Night

Thames Riverboats at Night
From Boats back to Streets again – my next set of shots (including this one) are taken from a roll I shot while on a walk along the Thames with a great friend. I love the lights in this one, hence it’s inclusion, but mostly I left the tourist shots to him. Instead I focus on the people who passed us by along the way and as always in London, they did not disappoint.