24 hours in Hong Kong – Part 1: Kowloon

The world for sale

If you want to see the world, I can recommend no better way to do it than when someone else is paying. With that in mind, I made arrangements so that after a recent business trip I could stop over in Hong Kong on the way back. It is a city I’ve always dreamed to visit, so the chance was just too good to pass up.

So; 24 hours in one of the worlds greatest cities, just me and my camera with no-where else to be. Perfect, but what first? I was staying on the island but decided that could wait. Kowloon would be my first port of call and what better way to get there than the famous Star Ferry

Star Ferry

Onboard the Star Ferry

Floating Junk

Once on the main-land it took some time to settle in. Hong Kong is everything you’ve heard and more and the culture shock takes time to pass. The best way I can sum it up is Continue reading

Down In One

Down in one
I’ve picked this shot because I feel it achieves a cinematic look. It’s a look that I love and that I wish I could pull off more often. As far as I can tell the key requirements are shallow depth of field, foreground objects as well as background and inclusion of other secondary subjects. Sounds simple enough but it just seems to tricky to get it to all fall in to place!

Any advice would be more than welcome via the comments below!

Dar Mlodziezy

20140912-Delta400_19.jpgThis is the Dar Mlodziezy, the largest of the ships at the festival, which was moored out of the way down-river towards the O2. A short bike ride down to it at low tide allowed me to get this shot looking back towards Greenwich with the old piers, powerstation and naval college in the background.

Tall Ships at Rest

This is my favourite photo from the roll I shot at the tall ships festival last weekend. A cluster of smaller ships moored on a flat calm Thames outside the Royal Naval College. I’m lucky enough that this was on my way to work, so I could get the chance to shoot while the crowds were still in bed and the light was still pretty.

Another Kind of Street Art

Another kind of street art This is not quite a candid as it seems to be. I’m always cautious when photographing artists as a lot can be very touchy about people “reproducing” their work. Because of this I asked permission to take this gentleman’s photograph and he was more than happy to oblige, which meant I could take my time and get a shot I’m happy with.

I know many people will say “he was in a public place, you were legally allowed to photograph him and didn’t need to ask” but as true as that is, it doesn’t stop it being anti-social. I’ll never take a shot of someone who has made it clear they don’t want me to.

Weighing Up

Weighing Up
A slightly different angle on this one but one of my favourites; get around behind the stalls and shoot across them towards the customers rather than the stall-holders.

This is also a very good example of the dynamic range in the highlights of film. I like the way the light-bulbs have flared elegantly rather than blowing out like they would on digital.

Outside the Globe

Outside the GlobeThis is a bit of a generic street shot but I like it. All the elements combine to tell one story; the old fashioned pub, the traditional London brickwork, the fashionable clothes of the couple, the pint on the doorstep. There is nowhere else in the world this could be except outside a proper London “local”.

White Van Man

White van manSo I was all set up watching the street when a white van pulls up completely blocking the view. I was about to move on when this chap hops out of the drivers seat – he couldn’t be further from the sun-reading stereotype and I couldn’t resist a quick photo.