Another Kind of Street Art

Another kind of street art This is not quite a candid as it seems to be. I’m always cautious when photographing artists as a lot can be very touchy about people “reproducing” their work. Because of this I asked permission to take this gentleman’s photograph and he was more than happy to oblige, which meant I could take my time and get a shot I’m happy with.

I know many people will say “he was in a public place, you were legally allowed to photograph him and didn’t need to ask” but as true as that is, it doesn’t stop it being anti-social. I’ll never take a shot of someone who has made it clear they don’t want me to.

Weighing Up

Weighing Up
A slightly different angle on this one but one of my favourites; get around behind the stalls and shoot across them towards the customers rather than the stall-holders.

This is also a very good example of the dynamic range in the highlights of film. I like the way the light-bulbs have flared elegantly rather than blowing out like they would on digital.

Outside the Globe

Outside the GlobeThis is a bit of a generic street shot but I like it. All the elements combine to tell one story; the old fashioned pub, the traditional London brickwork, the fashionable clothes of the couple, the pint on the doorstep. There is nowhere else in the world this could be except outside a proper London “local”.

White Van Man

White van manSo I was all set up watching the street when a white van pulls up completely blocking the view. I was about to move on when this chap hops out of the drivers seat – he couldn’t be further from the sun-reading stereotype and I couldn’t resist a quick photo.


Oysters and Ale

Oysters and Ale


This calls for a celebration, my computer is now back up and running and I’ve managed to salvage all the lost files. And what better way to celebrate than a traditional London pub serving local Ale and river oysters… On second thoughts, if those are thames oysters then maybe I’ll pass!

This is another of my shots from Borough Market last weekend. I just loved this guys style and the fact he was a fellow photographer gave me the courage to approach for a closer shot than usual. It’s not a complete success though, I wish I’d taken a few steps to the right to reduce the distractions in the background and capture a little more of his face. Still, it’s all good practice.

Here we go!

Two sidesI’ve not had time to scan them all but a very productive weekend has led to two rolls of film shot and developed and another one waiting to develop as soon as these are scanned. The first set of shots (of which this is one) will focus on the people that caught my eye during a recent stroll around Borough Market; a nice mix of tourists, locals and stall-holders such as this guy.