Swirling Leaves

Swirling Leaves
Ever heard of swirly bokeh? It’s a property of certain lenses where the out of focus areas are distorted in a circular pattern. It’s caused by a poor correction in the lens known as spherical aberration, but I’ll leave that for the optics geeks. Suffice to say that this lens does it and while sometimes it can be distracting, sometimes it all falls in to place and throws a lovely emphasis on the subject.

Obligatory Flower Shot

Obligatory flower shot

 Not the most exciting shot in the world but one I shared online recently as a demonstration of background blur using film.

This is about as close as the Voigtlander can focus and was shot wide open at f/1.4 (IIRC). While it can throw backgrounds out of focus very nicely, it’s no bokeh-monster that will blur them to oblivion. You have to be aware of what’s behind the subject but fortunately a rangefinder is perfect for that.

What I think I like the most though is the sharpness. Even wide open like this one the images have a crispness to them that really makes details stand out. Assuming I nail the focus of course!