Light through glass


This shot is an example of how black and white draws emphasis to light and shape without the distraction of colour. Of course this can be a limitation too but used correctly it can be a powerful tool.

Tonight I’ll be developing the first rolls (yes, 3 of them!) that I’ve shot specifically for this project. I’ll upload thee first of the results tomorrow morning – watch this space!

So, Its started…

Yesterday was day 1 of the project, but I’ll confess a business trip means that I haven’t shot anything yet. Even if I had there still wouldn’t be much to show for it though – one of the limitations of shooting film is that there always something of a delay between shooting and having the results ready to view.

The first true shots of the project should be ready by the weekend, but in the mean time I am going to start posting up a few of my previous shots to flesh out the blog and start good habits. Watch this space…