Aaaaannnd I’m back, with a change of rules…

Firstly, let me apologise for the lack of posts over the previous month. Travel got in the way and made it pretty much impossible to develop or scan the photos required. On the upside though, it does mean that I now have 6 rolls from China and Hong Kong ready and some exciting shots to share over the coming weeks.

On that subject, I will be changing the method by which I post. I want to spend more time writing about the shoots I carry out, but posting a shot a day does not lend itself to that. Instead, from now until the end of the project, I will be posting once per week with that post containing 7 to 10 shots taken from that week’s roll. Hopefully this will prove a little more interesting and give more opportunities for discussion than what has gone so far.


“Manual focus super-fast using this one weird trick – autofocus systems hate him…”

I don’t know why this took so long to click with me, but set your lens back to infinity once you’ve finished shooting. This will make lining up your next shot much faster. If your subject is close to infinity (as many are) then you are already focused. If it’s closer then you already know which direction to turn the lens – the only way it will move. Maybe others are better than me, but I find there is nothing worse than a subject approximately 3 meters away and a lens set to three meters. I always have to waste time wiggling it to figure out which way is correct.

The Blessing of Boredom

I’m getting bored of my camera, but until now I hadn’t realised how much of a good thing that could be.

It’s happened many times in the past but my usual solution is to switch to another camera – either one I already own or an excuse to buy one. Obviously that’s not an option this time, so instead I’ve had to start thinking of interesting things to do with my camera instead. I’m building up a list of places I want to go and things I want to shoot. A whole pile of ideas is forming in a way that its never done before.

The shoot is now the driving factor, not the consequence. Boredom is good.

Shots in the Dark

I’ve just finished shooting another roll and it’s certainly going to be an interesting one. It has all been shot in low light (surprise surprise) but the unusual thing is I didn’t go above ISO 400. It all started when I went to play ping-pong with some friends and decided to try out my new flash in to freeze the action. All seemed to be going well until the flash got caught on the table and broke!

That left me with a comparatively slow film in the camera for the amount of light in the bar, but I made the best of it using wide apertures and slow shutters – fingers crossed time!

The rest of the roll I finished off tonight at a local car show. I dragged my tripod for the first time in the while and took some long exposures to finish off the roll (plus a few hand-held shots). Whether the motion-blur of the people ends up working artistically though remains to be seen – fingers crossed again!

Dustspots and Scratches and Hairs (Oh My!)

I’ve just got around to developing the film I shot last weekend at the Tall Ships festival in Greenwich there have been a few “issues”. Firstly, once I finished washing the film there must have been a piece of grit on the squeegee as it has scored a scratch the full length of both films. Then I hung it to dry in one of the bedrooms (rather than the bathroom as usual) which has led to a large amount of dust sticking to the film. Finally, during the scanning a hair seems to have ended up inside the scanner. As this is a dedicated negative scanner there is no easy way to access the sensor and as such it appears in every shot. All in all it was not my most successful evening!

This demonstrates the importance of cleanliness when developing film and the dangers of complacency. Normally I am very careful when processing and end up with film that can be scanned with little to nothing that requires touching up but I guess that this time I just got a bit blasé. Still, the hours of clean-up in Lightroom that will be required should prevent me making the same mistake again anytime soon!

Error: File Not Found

Consider this a public service announcement – always backup your data!

There will  be no image today because I woke up this morning to discover my main storage drive had corrupted itself in the night. Fortunately I have partial backups, plus all my negatives safely filed away, but there is still likely to be a significant chunk of data that I’ve lost.

Business as usual will return in a couple of days once I’ve either fixed the drive or re-scanned the most recent negatives. Please bear with me.