24 Hours in Hong Kong – Part 2: Night Fall

Street Life

We finished last time with me wandering the streets of Kowloon as the light starts to fade and Hong Kong switches from day in to night. In the day the streets are busy, but everyone is going somewhere. As Night falls they come alive. Market stalls selling everything imaginable appear, bars start overflowing in to the street and impromptu parties begin outside any conveniently located store. At night, the streets become the destination

All Night Market

Pools of Light

Through all this I wandered in search of a vantage point and eventually wound up on top of a multi-story car park overlooking the markets and streets below. It’s only from up high that you can get as sense of the scale of it all. It flows on and on as far as the eye can see, with buildings stretching to the sky above.

From Above



Time was ticking away though, so I made my way back to the harbour found a place to eat and settled in for the nightly light show – the largest in the world – where all Hong Kong islands skyscrapers dance in a parade of lights.

Harbour Lights

Soon I was joining them, back on the island where I was staying. The streets of Wan Chai were just as buzzing as those in Kowloon by with a different, more western vibe.

Neon Blur

Outside The Bar

Time to tuck the camera up safely in the hotel room, and head back out to join the crowds at Club 7-11.

These last two come from when I finished the roll of film the next morning, on my way in to Central to explore the island itself. The rest of my final day will make up Part 3.

Hong Kong Metro


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