24 hours in Hong Kong – Part 1: Kowloon

The world for sale

If you want to see the world, I can recommend no better way to do it than when someone else is paying. With that in mind, I made arrangements so that after a recent business trip I could stop over in Hong Kong on the way back. It is a city I’ve always dreamed to visit, so the chance was just too good to pass up.

So; 24 hours in one of the worlds greatest cities, just me and my camera with no-where else to be. Perfect, but what first? I was staying on the island but decided that could wait. Kowloon would be my first port of call and what better way to get there than the famous Star Ferry

Star Ferry

Onboard the Star Ferry

Floating Junk

Once on the main-land it took some time to settle in. Hong Kong is everything you’ve heard and more and the culture shock takes time to pass. The best way I can sum it up is “building skyscrapers with bamboo scaffolding – something I saw plenty of!

City of Lights

Open all hours

Hong Kong Taxi

It’s definitely a city that benefits from a deeper look though. Peak behind the shiny façades and a whole other world exists, the one that keeps it all ticking.

Back-alley Cobbler

Behind the Scenes

Sea of Neon

My first roll was completed was complete as the light started to fade, but I wasn’t done with Kowloon yet. I loaded up another roll at a faster speed and prepared to capture the streets coming alive as night time fell.

More in Part 2

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