Trees are really hard to photograph in black and white. The parks and streets are full of the most glorious autumn colours at the moment but strip that away and you end up with something somehow flat, like their essence is in the colour. The only way to avoid this is to focus on the texture instead, like the gnarly bark and the interleaving layers of this one.

Orange Filters and Dramatic Skies

Olympic Park
A rare gear-post today, since not many of my photographs from last weekend were suitably artistic for posting here.

I’d like to talk about one of my favourite bits of kit – a Wratten 22 Red-Orange Filter. It might seem strange that such a tiny bit of kit (and it is tiny – 43mm across) might have such an impact upon me but it has. So much so that I rarely leave the house without it. Continue reading

Just a simple portrait

Untitled 1
What I think make this image work is the contrast between light and dark. The dark background combined with the direct light on the subject makes him stand out, which coupled with his light shirt makes him draw your eye (rather than it being distracted by the somewhat busy background)