Shots in the Dark

I’ve just finished shooting another roll and it’s certainly going to be an interesting one. It has all been shot in low light (surprise surprise) but the unusual thing is I didn’t go above ISO 400. It all started when I went to play ping-pong with some friends and decided to try out my new flash in to freeze the action. All seemed to be going well until the flash got caught on the table and broke!

That left me with a comparatively slow film in the camera for the amount of light in the bar, but I made the best of it using wide apertures and slow shutters – fingers crossed time!

The rest of the roll I finished off tonight at a local car show. I dragged my tripod for the first time in the while and took some long exposures to finish off the roll (plus a few hand-held shots). Whether the motion-blur of the people ends up working artistically though remains to be seen – fingers crossed again!

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