Dustspots and Scratches and Hairs (Oh My!)

I’ve just got around to developing the film I shot last weekend at the Tall Ships festival in Greenwich there have been a few “issues”. Firstly, once I finished washing the film there must have been a piece of grit on the squeegee as it has scored a scratch the full length of both films. Then I hung it to dry in one of the bedrooms (rather than the bathroom as usual) which has led to a large amount of dust sticking to the film. Finally, during the scanning a hair seems to have ended up inside the scanner. As this is a dedicated negative scanner there is no easy way to access the sensor and as such it appears in every shot. All in all it was not my most successful evening!

This demonstrates the importance of cleanliness when developing film and the dangers of complacency. Normally I am very careful when processing and end up with film that can be scanned with little to nothing that requires touching up but I guess that this time I just got a bit blasé. Still, the hours of clean-up in Lightroom that will be required should prevent me making the same mistake again anytime soon!

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