Still Waiting

Waiting 2

Another recent street shot and another example of shooting in very low light. This was taken in Bayswater tube station which is completely underground and lit only by the few lights you can see. I loved the symmetry of the lit arches with the single solitary figure inside them.


Waiting 1


Still no new work to show off but I’m heading out to do a bit of street shooting today. In the mean time, here’s a street shot I took a few weeks ago. I was just sat in a coffee shop with my other-half when I spotted this chap sitting at the table next to us and it was too good a scene to pass up.


But first; Let me take a selfie...


No; that isn’t me. Just a moment I captured at a recent outdoor cinema evening with friends.

With this one exception though, this blog is going to be a selfie-free zone. I much prefer capturing the people and things that I see rather than including myself in the picture. These pictures are first and foremost taken for my own pleasure and I don’t need to see my face to know I was there.



 I’m going to get this one out of the way early on because as much as I love it, it’s a bit of a cheat – I shot it on Delta 100

More cars coming next week though (in case you like that sort of thing) as I’m heading down to the local classic car meet tonight. Hopefully I’ll manage to get some great shots of both the cars and the characters involved.

On the Subject of Low-Light Shooting


This is another of my old favourites and I’ve included it as an example of how far you can go with film when the light gets low. I’ve heard many people say that film can only be used in good light but it’s just not true. The room this was taken in was a nightclub with very little lighting except what you see on the stage. I used Delta 3200 film and still pushed it a stop (to an effective ISO6400), 1/60th of a second exposure and the lens wide open at f/1.4 to get the shot but I got it. It doesn’t get much darker than this!


Show Your Hand

Don't show your hand


This is typical of the shots I take at the moment; A candid shot of two of my friends at a recent charity poker night. I love capturing people and the moments of interaction between them.

Due to the low-light in the pub where we were playing, the film has been pushed two stops (to 1600) hence the increase grain and contrast. I think it handles it well though.

Obligatory Flower Shot

Obligatory flower shot

 Not the most exciting shot in the world but one I shared online recently as a demonstration of background blur using film.

This is about as close as the Voigtlander can focus and was shot wide open at f/1.4 (IIRC). While it can throw backgrounds out of focus very nicely, it’s no bokeh-monster that will blur them to oblivion. You have to be aware of what’s behind the subject but fortunately a rangefinder is perfect for that.

What I think I like the most though is the sharpness. Even wide open like this one the images have a crispness to them that really makes details stand out. Assuming I nail the focus of course!

So, Its started…

Yesterday was day 1 of the project, but I’ll confess a business trip means that I haven’t shot anything yet. Even if I had there still wouldn’t be much to show for it though – one of the limitations of shooting film is that there always something of a delay between shooting and having the results ready to view.

The first true shots of the project should be ready by the weekend, but in the mean time I am going to start posting up a few of my previous shots to flesh out the blog and start good habits. Watch this space…